Consultation & Charges

The initial consultation

This lasts about one and a half hours. As well as taking down details about the symptoms of your illness, Bev will ask you about your past medical history, your general energy levels, your likes and dislikes and your moods, sleep and eating patterns. Everyone reacts to the same illness in a slightly different way. Remedies are carefully chosen to suit you as an individual. The treatment is aimed at you as a whole person and can work on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Selecting a Remedy

After the session, Bev will spend some time analysing your case to select a remedy. The remedy will then be dispatched to you with clear instructions on how to take it. Remedies are generally composed of little sweet tasting pills or liquids that are dissolved in the mouth. They are safe and easy to give to babies and small children.


A follow-up is normally booked for four to six weeks after the initial session to see how you are getting on and assess the impact of the remedy. This will give a good picture of whether further treatment is required. For some conditions a further appointment may be required. Please feel free to discuss this with Bev at any point.


All consultations include follow up telephone support required during the month.

Skype appointments are also available, though it is essential to contact Bev prior to booking one to discuss your requirements

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